Types of Tattoos


Symbol of identity, Religion or Spiritual belief, Self Protection and camouflage.

Types and Styles: Polynesian, Samoan, Maori, Hawaiian, Aztec, North American Indian, Egyptian,Mayan and modern.

Bio Mechanical

Bio Mech tattoos are a genre of body modification that reveals "Mechanical, Robotic and Organic" images underneath the flesh that seem to be part of the body.

Black & Grey / Colour

Covers everything from old school, Japanese through to realism.


IREZUMI: To "Insert Ink"

Spiritual and Decorative purposes.

Hikae: Chest panel tattoo
Nagasode: Arm tattoo to wrist
Shichibu: Tattoo 7/10th of the sleeve to forearm
Gobu: Tattoo 5/10th of the sleeve to above the elbow

Common Images

Mythological beasts and monsters: Dragons, Kirin, Baku, Foo dogs, Phoenix's
Animals: Birds, Koi(Carp), Tigers, Snakes
Flowers: Peonies, Cherry blossoms, Lotuses, Chrysanthemums
Other Plants: Bamboo, Maple leaves
Images of: Geisha, Samurai, Buddhas
Backgrounds: Clouds, Waves, Wind bars

You think it, We'll ink it.